Fixing the bodged jobs

Tell us about a rogue plumber's bodged job you have corrected or are working on at the moment. We want to hear from you as part of a new BBC home safety program if you have an example.

We're contacting you to see whether you have come across or know of any homeowners who have been a victim of a plumbing disaster and would be willing to be interviewed for this show.

The production team behind the likes of Homes Under the Hammer (BBC1), Victorian Pharmacy (BBC2), Britain from Above (BBC1) and Noise Squad (BBC1) has contacted us following the official consumer launch of WaterSafe on 8th October, 2013.

They’re putting together a new prime time factual show for the BBC on home safety and are on the hunt for people with all sorts of potential home hazards: electrical issues, construction problems, gas, pests,cold environments, flooding, etc.

The production company has contacted us to see if we have any case studies that include members of the public whose homes have been made unsafe through a bodged plumbing job. They are particularly interested in live case studies, i.e. homeowners whose homes are still unsafe/still need corrective work doing to them.

If you think you have a case study which could be of interest, please email watersafe@bright-pr.co.uk

28 October 2013
Tell us about your plumbing nightmares

We want to hear about plumbing disasters you have put right or are putting right in a customer's home for a new BBC program.

Our research shows 23% of homeowners have fallen victim to a rogue plumber.

If you have a story which you would like to share about a substandard plumbing installation which you've fixed or are in the process of fixing, we would like to hear from you.

Please call 0333 207 9030 or email watersafe@bright-pr.co.uk. 




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