My passion for plumbing from double-winner Daisy

As students across the country celebrate the end of their exams and consider what to do next, Daisy Turner shares her passion for plumbing and advice for aspiring apprentices.

Daisy was recently named winner of HIP Magazine’s Learner of the Year competition and Female Skills Competition and has provided an insight into what it's like to compete against the UK's best and brightest young plumbers.

“To win both the HIP Learner of the Year competition and the Female Skills Competition is insane, it’s an incredible achievement.  I also won an International Women's Day competition at College and was named its “Apprentice of the Month” earlier this year so it's rewarding to know my hard work pays off. It’s not just on the competition days but in the lead-up with extra hours spent at college practising techniques.

“The key thing I’ve gained from the competition is confidence in my abilities. Initially, the competition tasks felt overwhelming but when I got stuck in, I was in the zone. I always say, “As long as you always do your best you can't go wrong” and that was certainly my experience.

“It's reassured my employers that I’m capable and that allowing me the time off to compete is worthwhile as it has helped me boost my skills. Being able to tell other tradespeople and customers I won these competitions gives them confidence in me and means they don’t see me as “just an apprentice".

“When I was asked if I wanted to enter the HIP plumbing competitions I said, "Put my name down for both" as I had nothing to lose. Learner of the Year is sometimes seen as a boy’s competition but it’s for anyone - at the end of the day, we're all plumbers so a job well done is all that matters.

“Having said that, I think it’s still important to have the female-only competition as I understand some women can be intimidated in mixed competitions; this way everyone can compete in their comfort zone.

“I've never been the same as everyone else. While my sisters did dance as a hobby, I played football. I didn’t think an office job or going to university would suit me, so I did a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating and went on to get an apprenticeship at Toucan Heating & Plumbing Ltd.

“Both competitions were a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded students and show my skills. I think what set me apart from the others was attention to detail – crucial when it comes to making sure plumbing work is compliant with the water regulations.

“No matter your age or gender, I’d recommend anyone considering a career in the trades to give it a go. There’s a shortage of new people joining the trades, but apprenticeships offer life-long skills.

“Looking to the future, I simply hope to enjoy going to work each day.  I’m already a trainee member of the Chartered Institution of Plumbing and Heating Engineering and hope to join WaterSafe when I qualify to further demonstrate my competence to customers and other trades.”

WaterSafe sponsors the HIP Learner of the Year competition and is a proud advocate for the Female Skills Competition. To find out more about each event, visit

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