Are You Smart With Technology?

At this time of keen competition and heightened job pressures, new research from WaterSafe, the UK’s leading plumbing assurance scheme, has revealed that today’s busy plumbers are increasingly using smart technology to help them work more efficiently on the job.

In a poll of WIAPS installers, conducted on behalf of WaterSafe, a huge 93% of stated they now use smart technology as part of their day-to-day work life, whether it’s a smart phone, laptop or tablet. Key reasons for using such technology include downloading technical instructions (86%), followed by sourcing specification advice, ordering products and seeking information on legislation

The survey shows the full extent to which smart technology has become aligned to the trade profession. Of those polled, two in five (42%) admitted they would be lost without it, while 39% use it very often. Not surprising given two thirds (64%) say it has helped make their business more efficient, followed by aiding professionalism and optimising customer contact.

Tellingly, against the backdrop of increased legislation and an explosion of innovation, three quarters (75%) asserted that the role of the plumber has changed dramatically in recent years with an increased onus on providing consultancy and product advice. Fortunately then, it would appear that such technology is helping to lighten the load with a whopping 87% stating they use it to keep abreast of new legislation, industry changes and innovations.

Julie Spinks of WaterSafe, comments: “Clearly, the results show the advent of smart technology has gonefar beyond personal use and is having a profoundly positive affect on the plumbing sector.
“While the economy is on the up and opportunity is increasing, that is not to say that the industry isn’t without its challenges; with plumbers under pressure to meet tight deadlines and keep cost down. Therefore, it is fantastic to see that the use of smart technology, enabling plumbers to do everything from keeping in contact with customers to specifying products on the go, is helping plumbers work more efficiently."

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