WaterSafe Says Be Wise With Water in Your Garden

With demand for water increasing with higher summer temperatures, WaterSafe is urging householders to use water wisely in their gardens.

WaterSafe is the UK register for approved drinking water contractors, such as plumbers, making it easy to find someone who’s qualified and competent.

WaterSafe’s top tips for making the best use of water when gardening include:

  • Don’t worry about your lawn going brown during hot weather, as it can survive for a long period without rain or being watered.

  • Use a watering can to water your plants, as a hosepipe or sprinkler typically uses around 1,000 litres of water an hour – that’s enough to fill more than 12 bathtubs.

  • Remember that many plants don’t need watering every day, and when you do water, it’s much better to do it early or later in the day, when the water is less likely to evaporate.

  • Recycle your bathwater, kitchen water and even water from an old vase of flowers when watering your plants – especially for hanging baskets and potted plants, which don’t need as much water as you’d think.

  • Check your outdoor taps for leaks, as a dripping tap can mean up to 5,500 litres of water going to waste a year, adding to the cost of a metered water bill.


A WaterSafe approved plumber can help identify and fix leaks at your property and give you other advice on saving water. To learn more and find an approved contractor serving your area, simply enter your postcode using the blue search button at the right.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, said: “We know that climate change, population growth and the need to leave more water in the environment, like rivers, all mean we need to make the best use of the water that’s available. That’s especially true during periods of hot summer weather when demand for water always increases as people are doing more in the garden, for example. That’s why we’re urging people to be wise in how they use water in their green space – making small changes that can make a big difference.”

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