Choose an approved Catering Installer

Those looking to employ a professional to install or maintain water-using catering equipment can now use the UK’s largest register of approved water contractors to help them choose.

WaterSafe, the national register of qualified plumbers and contractors, has recently welcomed Approved Catering Installers into the scheme.

These contractors are approved to install water-using equipment, such as dishwashers, steam ovens and thermostatic mixer taps, in commercial kitchens and are qualified in the water fittings regulations which help keep drinking water safe.

To be eligible to join WaterSafe, these contractors must have a recognised water fittings qualification and be employed by a business with appropriate insurance.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Approved Catering Installers to the WaterSafe family. It will help businesses to find trusted professionals and is an excellent way for installers to demonstrate their competence to customers. 
“If equipment which uses water is improperly installed, it can lead to water waste and even contamination, so it is vital a contractor is properly trained.
“There are lots of benefits to using a WaterSafe-approved installer, as you also know the installer is suitably qualified and insured.  
“Approved installers will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance, giving you a legal defence should anything later be found to be wrong, and they can also self-certify some jobs to their local water company, saving valuable time and money.”

To find your nearest approved Catering Installer click here.

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