Ignoring a Leaky Loo Could Treble Water Bills, Warns UK Plumbing Register

To mark World Plumbing Day 2023 on 11 March, WaterSafe, the UK’s register of approved contractors working with drinking water, is warning people not to ignore a leaky loo.

Even a small trickle can waste up to 400 litres of water every day and cost the bill payer up to £400 extra per year*, meaning homes and businesses are throwing money and water down the drain.

It’s easy to check if your loo is leaking. The water may run or drip down the back of the pan and into the toilet bowl, or you may hear your toilet re-filling randomly when you haven’t used it for a while.

If you’re not sure, wait 30 minutes after flushing, then run a piece of tissue around the back of the bowl. If it becomes wet this may indicate a leak. Other signs to look out for are dripping overflow pipes, located on an outside wall. If you’re still not sure, some water companies give away free strips to test for a leaky loo.

Director of WaterSafe, Julie Spinks, said: “I understand it’s easy to ignore a leaky loo and put off fixing it until another day, but people are potentially wasting a lot of money if they have a water meter and pay for what they use, as well as wasting a lot of water.

“I’d recommend always using an approved plumber to fix a leaky loo, as drinking water can be contaminated if toilet pipes running to and from your toilet are not properly connected.

“The WaterSafe website www.watersafe.org.uk has a comprehensive list of qualified plumbers trained to work with your plumbing system and who are supported by your local water company and the drinking water regulators,” Julie added.

You can also read more about leaky loos on WaterSafe’s website here.

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