Love your loo this Valentine’s Day

UK residents and businesses are being urged to show their loo some love this Valentine’s Day by tackling costly leaks.

A leaky loo can waste up to 400 litres of water per day – the equivalent of five bathtubs – and add around £300 per year to the average water bill if left unfixed, for those on a water meter.

A constant trickle of water down the back of the toilet pan is a tell-tale sign of a leak.

Many water companies offer free leak-detection strips to help households detect hidden leaks, as well as other free water-saving devices.

However, research by WaterSafe, the national register of approved plumbers, shows 42 per cent of residents aren’t aware of this free support from their local water supplier.

What’s more, 20 per cent of businesses say they have employed a plumber to fix leaking toilets or urinals in the last year.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, says: “A leaking toilet can be surprisingly hard to spot, but costly if you don’t put it right quickly.

“Luckily, help is at hand as many water companies offer free leak-detection strips, as well as other devices to help you save water and money.

“These paper strips are stuck to the back of the toilet bowl and left in place for several hours, or overnight.

“If the paper is wet or torn after this time, the toilet is leaking, and customers should contact a WaterSafe-approved plumber to fix it.”

Find your nearest WaterSafe approved plumber at or visit for further information.

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