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As you may have seen on our Twitter feed, we recently launched a new campaign called Trust Approved Plumbers (TAP), based on a survey sample of 2000 consumers to find out their trust habits and priorities when choosing a plumber. The results were quite surprising.

  • 54% would trust a tradesperson based on first appearances rather than professional credentials
  • 76% say it's important for a tradesperson to have fresh breath and an attractive smell
  • For 30% of homeowners, the choice of clothes a tradesperson wears affects how trustworthy they are
  • 70% don’t actually check a tradesperson's professional credentials

In response, we’re urging the nation to check a plumber’s credentials before letting them into their homes – after all, our research from last year showed bodged plumbing jobs have cost the nation £2.6 billion.

Our campaign is focuses on importance of putting credentials before cost and only using approved plumbers. But there is still work to be done and we need YOUR help.

We especially need installers to talk to their customers about the benefits of choosing a qualified, accredited contractor face-to-face. Installers can speak from personal experience about the dangers of hiring an unqualified tradesperson, and hammer home why your customers (and their friends and family) should put credentials first.  Also, it goes without saying, but make sure to recommend our WaterSafe website as the first port of call.


Building brand awareness is vital so make sure you display WaterSafe branding on your vehicles, company stationery, websites and other professional materials. Our survey revealed 67% of homeowners place more trust in tradespeople who wear branded uniforms, so if you haven’t got a company uniform or logo, then now is the time to start thinking about one!

With awareness of the WaterSafe brand increasing nationally, registered businesses will become associated with the trust, safety and unity that the scheme has built, thus giving consumers something to trust in again and you the credit you deserve. 

If you would like a WaterSafe logo for your uniform or stationery then please contact us at info@watersafe.org.uk you can also follow all the TAP updates on twitter by following @WatersafeUK using #TAP.

November 2014


TAP campaign launched to encourage homeowners to check their plumber's credentials.

Robert Hawksworth (pictured) celebrates becoming WaterSafe 2000th plumber.

Keep an eye on Twitter to get involved with our next campaign. The next member to be in the spotlight could be you!

House of Horrors campaign is coming up and we want you to get involved. Have you put right any DIY disasters? Send us you pictures and we'll give a prize for the best transformation.

THE BIG 2000!

We would like to send a big shout-out to Robert Hawksworth of Hawksworth Mechanical, Bradford, who was recently awarded the title of WaterSafe’s 2,000th plumber.

Robert was awarded with the title by Yorkshire Water’s Carol Jones, and was presented with some WaterSafe goodies, balloons and champagne. Robert was all smiles on the day and said:

“I joined WaterSafe primarily from a legislation and regulation point of view. I value the access to information it gives members and its news updates are great for keeping me informed of any new industry changes.

“Being WaterSafe accredited means homeowners have that trust in me and my work. It’s also great getting the online profile listing on WaterSafe’s website, which homeowners can use for free to search for plumbers in their area at no cost.”

Congratulations Robert and we hope you enjoy your new status!

WaterSafe will now be publicising regional milestones and sign-up, so watch this space, next time it could be you in the spotlight!


Following our TAP campaign, we’re now gearing up for another series consumer campaigns geared towards educating homeowners on hiring qualified professionals and we need your help!

We would like all WaterSafe installers to get in touch via email and twitter and send us pictures of the worst plumbing jobs that you have encountered. Whether it is a serious infringement, funny but completely wrong jobs, a DIY disaster and all plumbing horror stories are welcome. Ideally, if you could send a before the bodged job and after, once you’ve saved the day.

Email us your full name, registered business and pictures to watersafe@bright-consultancy.co.uk or alternatively tweet us @WatersafeUK

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