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Hiring a WaterSafe approved contractor ensures that all plumbing work meets high standards and protects the quality of drinking water in homes and businesses.

WaterSafe approved contractors have specific training in Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws, which helps them protect you from poor installation or use of sub-standard plumbing products which could contaminate your drinking water.

Saves you money

Water safety in the home is very important, and using unqualified contractors who don’t know the law around fixtures and fittings could put your drinking water at risk.

Using an unqualified contractor is not only dangerous, it’s false economy – it could end up costing thousands of pounds and a lot of hassle to put mistakes right.

WaterSafe research shows more than a quarter of people polled had fallen victim to a rogue plumber. The average cost of a repair job came in at £285 – a cost we aim to help more customers avoid.

We recommend always getting three quotes from qualified contractors, where possible, to ensure you get a reasonable price.

Saves you time

For most types of plumbing work, contractors have a legal duty to notify the water supplier before they start work and this can lead to delays. Approved contractors can carry out some work without the need to give advanced notification.

A ‘Certificate of Compliance’ issued by a WaterSafe recognised contractor also provides a defence for property owners who are challenged by a water supplier enforcing the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws. A WaterSafe approved business will be required to put their work right if it does not meet the legal requirements.

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