Water Supply Pipe Installers

Approved Water Supply Pipe Installers, also known as groundworkers, specialise in installing, renewing and repairing a property’s water supply pipe, which carries drinking water to the building from the water main in the road.

By using these Approved Contractors, you will help ensure you get safe and wholesome drinking water to your home or business.

Approved Water Supply Pipe Installers are not approved WaterSafe plumbers, but are recognised by the water company approval schemes: APLUS, TAPS, WaterMark and WIAPS to work on water supply pipes from the external stop tap, up to the internal stop tap. They will ensure all their work complies with the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws. If you require work on your internal plumbing, use an Approved Plumber, who is approved for all types of plumbing work.

Approved Water Supply Pipe Installers can put in a new supply pipe – for example, if you’ve been advised to replace lead pipes providing water to your property, or are refurbishing a house.

They can also help advise on dealing with leaks on your supply pipe. Remember, leaks can be costly in terms of metered water bills and potentially having to put right damage to a home.

Please note that WaterSafe approval covers work on private property, but not work in public areas, such as the pavement or road, or work on apparatus owned by a water company – such as an external stop tap. 

Furthermore, a charge can be made by the local water company for excavating an external stop tap in the public footpath, a cost that would be on top of the charge made by an approved contractor. Please check with your local water company to find out more.

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