WaterSafe Reveals Top Five Plumbing Tips When Moving Home

WaterSafe, the UK national accreditation body for approved plumbers, has put together its five top tips to help people moving home.

The plumbing register asked its members for their top advice for customers moving into a new home. These included:

  • Find and test your internal stop tap - where your water supply comes into your home - as you may need to turn the water off in an emergency

  • Check the boiler’s service history and that there is a lid and adequate insulation on the cold water tank (usually in the loft) - and always use a Gas Safe registered engineer for servicing

  • Look out for leaky toilets, taps and radiators – tell-tale signs are low water pressure, rust and water stains on the floors or carpets, or mould on ceilings and walls

  • Find out if your home has any lead water pipes – these are shiny when scraped with a screwdriver (always wash your hands after testing). Lead can be harmful so it’s a good idea to replace these

  • Check if you have a water meter as you will be billed for the amount of water you use if you do. It’s usually in the ground outside the front of your home, or inside near the stop tap.

WaterSafe has also produced a short top tips video here: watersafe.org.uk/movinghouse

WaterSafe is the national register of qualified, approved contractors, supported by all UK water companies and the drinking water regulators. It was set up to promote competent installers and help keep the UK’s drinking water safe in homes and businesses.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, said: “Spring is a popular time for people to start thinking about moving home. Our members report they then get frequent calls about plumbing-related issues in customers’ new properties.

“We’ve got lots of free advice on our website around what to look out for when it comes to plumbing, pipes, taps and fittings but would always recommend calling in an approved plumber rather than trying to fix things yourself.

“WaterSafe approved contractors have specific training in the water fittings regulations and byelaws, protecting you from poor installation or the use of non-compliant plumbing products that could contaminate your drinking water. This ensures your drinking water stays wholesome and healthy at the tap,” Julie added.

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