One-stop shop now offers easy access
to RPZ Valve Testers

WaterSafe, the national accreditation body for qualified plumbers, is offering a new resource to help make sure drinking water stays safe for everyone.

Large premises such as schools, hospitals and catering outlets have Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valves in their plumbing, which prevent water going back up pipes and potentially contaminating drinking water.

All RPZ valves must be tested at least once a year by a competent installer, sometimes more if required by the local water company.

Now, WaterSafe is adding RPZ Valve Testers as members to its UK online search facility for competent and qualified contractors working with drinking water, to help property owners and managers keep supplies safe.

RPZ Testers check the valves are in full working order. To be granted membership of WaterSafe, they must have a recognised qualification in RPZ Valve Testing, be employed by a business with appropriate insurance and have up to date calibration certificates for their test equipment, which meets the Approved Installation Method (AIM) requirements.

As well as listing RPZ Valve Testers, the WaterSafe website gives access to approved plumbers, water supply pipe installers and other water services specialists. It’s easy to search for a contractor in an area by putting in a postcode.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, said: “I’m delighted we’re welcoming qualified RPZ Valve Testers to the WaterSafe family as they play an important role in keeping drinking water safe. It’s another avenue for consumers to find trusted professionals and is an excellent way for testers to demonstrate their competence to customers. If a valve is faulty it can lead to drinking water becoming contaminated, and illness, so it is important a contractor is properly trained.”

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WaterSafe, the national accreditation body for qualified plumbers, is welcoming RPZ Valve Testers into the family. RPZ Valve Testers are specialist contractors who test Reduced Pressure Zone valves, a device which prevents backflow – where water goes back up the pipe. They play an important role in protecting people from the risk of contaminated drinking water and are usually found in larger

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