Save Water and Help Protect the Planet – WaterSafe’s Top Tips for Water Saving Week

WaterSafe is encouraging households to save water and help protect the environment as it partners with Waterwise for the sixth annual Water Saving Week.

The UK register of approved plumbers is sponsoring ‘Save water to reduce your carbon footprint’ day, which gets Water Saving Week started on Monday 11 May.

Using less water means saving energy, as less power is needed to pump water from underground, rivers and reservoirs, treat it to high quality standards and pump it to taps in homes and businesses.

Using less hot water also saves on energy to heat it. According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating water for use in homes makes up about 4% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.

And by using less energy, we produce less of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases and result in climate change.

Julie Spinks, director of WaterSafe said: “While it’s important everyone uses the water they need to stay safe right now, we’re encouraging everyone to look at other ways they can do their bit this Water Saving Week. You’ll not only help protect the environment – you’ll save money off your energy bills and your water bills too if you have a water meter.

“The approved plumbers on WaterSafe’s register are promoted by water companies and are all trained in the water regulations which include avoiding water waste. We’re already an army of water savers supporting water-saving and promoting water quality in the UK’s homes and businesses every day.

“Which is why we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Waterwise to help spread the word that small changes can make a big difference.”

While it’s important everyone uses the water they need for washing at this time, particularly hands and clothes, there are water-saving measures that everyone can safely do at home to make a difference, including:

  • Shorten your shower – it should ideally be around four minutes long
  • Wash your dishes in a bowl instead of under a running tap to reduce water wastage by 50%
  • Research water and energy-efficient appliances – compare bathroom products such as shower-heads and taps by using the Unified Water Label.
  • Swop your garden hose for a watering can – hosepipes typically use about 1,000 litres an hour, that’s more than 12 baths.

Waterwise’s Managing Director, Nicci Russell, said: “Waterwise is delighted to be working with WaterSafe on Water Saving Week for the fifth year running!

“WaterSafe's accredited plumbers are so important in ensuring we have enough water to go round. We've already seen recent water shortages in areas of the UK traditionally thought of as really wet - and with our minds focused on staying safe from Covid-19 currently we are reminded again of the value of water to life.

“We all have a part to play in the Climate Emergency: Water Saving Week will focus on connecting this with the importance of using water wisely – as well as how. Thank you WaterSafe plumbers for being part of the team!”

WaterSafe is also proud to sponsor a free ‘Why Save Water’ webinar during Water Saving Week, which gives 10 reasons why we need to use water wisely in the UK, and how – including the use of approved water-saving devices.

The webinar takes place on 13 May 2020 at 12pm, as part of Water Saving Week and anyone keen to learn more about water efficiency can sign up here.

Click here for more on water efficiency, and use the WaterSafe plumber search on this page to find an approved plumber.

Other daily themes for Water Saving Week (11-15 May) are:

  • Tuesday: Save water and help your community to thrive
  • Wednesday: Save water to save wildlife
  • Thursday: Save water to save cash
  • Friday: Save water to keep the UK beautiful

Find and share information on Twitter @WatersafeUK and Facebook @WaterSafeRegister #SaveWaterSaveCarbon #WaterSavingWeek 

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