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Why Should We Care About Leaky Loos?

Rosie Rand, from Thames Water, explains why we really should care about leaky loos. The worst of leaking toilets can lose 8,000 litres a day (100 bath tubs a day) and could cost more than £6,000 a year if not fixed!

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Water Saving Week 2018

Water Saving Week 2018

WaterSafe is supporting Waterwise during Water Saving Week 2018 (March 19-23). Hazel Lewis, water efficiency research specialist at the independent not-for-profit organisation, which is the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK, tells us why it’s so important.

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National Apprentice Week Highlights Importance of Plumber Training

National Apprentice Week Highlights the Importance of Proper Training for Plumbers and Not Being Tempted by ‘Rogue Trainers’ into Fast-Track Courses

Proper classroom and on-site training is vital for anyone wanting to become a plumber. During National Apprentice Week, Madeline Fish, of SNIPEF, shares her advice on good training and apprenticeships.

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